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  ICAI 2021
International Conference on Advanced Imaging 2021
4 OCT(Mon.) - 8 OCT(Fri.), 2021
Makuhari Messe, Chiba, JAPAN
Guide for Paper Preparation 
>>Guide for Paper Preparation PDF

ICAI committee intends to publish both a hardcopy proceeding book and a digital proceeding book
for the International Conference on Advanced Imaging 2021.
The author is required to upload the files of a manuscript (both MS-Word file and PDF file) directly to the ICAI website on EasyChair no later than;
August 20, 2021.
Template for MS-Word
Please refer to the template file (MS-Word) for preparing the manuscript of this conference. The template helps you to make a well-formatted manuscript by overtyping the template document, i.e., Paper Title, Author Name(s), Affiliation, Abstract, Section Title, Subsection Title, Body, Figure and Table, Figure Caption, References, etc. Summary of the preparation instructions are described below.
Document Specs
Prepare A4-size (297mm x 210mm) sheet, set the left and right margins to 2 cm (0.79"), and the top and bottom margins to 2.5 cm (0.98"). Manuscript should be a maximum of 4-6 pages (including figures) (the longer papers will be returned for revision). Color graphics (figures, photos) are available to be inserted but they are reproduced in B/W on the hardcopy proceeding (we can view color in the digital proceeding only). Please mind your colored graphics could be clearly visible on B/W hardcopy.
If you want to insert an optional graphic on digital proceeding to show illegible details on the hardcopy, please prepare a separate data file. We can include a link if the electronic devices has enough volume remained.
Composition of the Manuscript
On the top of the first page, a paper title and information for author(s) should be written in one column format. Subsequently, please include a brief abstract (max 125 words) of your contribution that describes the main findings of your proposal (2 column format). Avoid using figures or equations in the abstract. Body part with section title and/or subsection title should be started in 2 column format from the line below the abstract. Please do not put page numbers in your manuscript. You can find detailed composition in the template file (MS-Word).
Prepare high-resolution graphics to keep fine and clear reproduction on a hardcopy proceeding. We recommend 350dpi or more for photos, and 1200dpi or more for drawings.
Embedded character size should be reproduced in 5 points or more, and line width in 0.3 points or more on a hardcopy. Transparent graphic format (created by GIF, png or Office drawing tool) is prohibited from being inserted.
In ICAI2021, copyright of papers that will be published in the proceedings belongs to the Imaging Society of Japan as ICAI2021 representative host society or to the Society that first author belongs to. Copyright provisions for handling copyright of a work defined by the Society for each, please check with the Society web site.
Please refer to the following address for the copyright rules of the Imaging Society of Japan.
The Imaging Society of Japan
c/o Tokyo Polytechnic University,
2-9-5, Honcho, Nakano-ku, Tokyo, 164-8768 Japan.
How to upload
Please upload the file of your manuscript (MS-Word) to the ICAI website on EasyChair. URL of the server will be noticed individually. Quick instruction of how to submit paper on EasyChair is described below.
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact ICAI2021 office via
(The @ in the above e-mail address is a design, so please retype it when using it for posting. )
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