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"General Incorporated Association, the Imaging Society of Japan" (ISJ) is an organization of engineers and researchers who strive for progress and growth of the imaging technology through exchange of information concerning basis and application of image.
The Imaging Society of Japan offers various opportunities for studying and exchanging information in the fields of the imaging science and the relevant technologies.

[2021.12.17] New !
Nomination for the ISJ's technical award 2021 is open (Deadline; end of January)
Apprication sheetis here.
[2021.12.2] New !
Imaging Conference JAPAN 2022 Annual Meeting
(2022/6/22-24 Online Event)
The 129th ISJ's Annual Conference
Online Conference on June 22-24, 2022.
Absract submission is open.
Absract submission is here.

[2021.11.09] New! online event
The 91st Imaging Cafe
(2021/12/3 online event)
Imaging Cafe 'Year-end Special'
The event was closed
[2021.10.29] New !
ISJ Symposium 2021
(2021/12/10 Osaka, Hybrid event)
'Sastinability strategy for printing technologies'
- No waiting for challenge to a material recycling sciety!-

Program and Abstracts is open.
The event was closed. Than kyou for all the participants.
[2021.10.21] New !
Co-sponsored by ISJ & Vision Society of Japan(2021/09/10 & othors Tokyo)
'Basic course on vision and images (4 times in total)'
Registration for the 4th course is open
[2021.10.12] New !
ISJ's Lecture Course in Autumun
(2021/12/9 online event)
'Tutrial 2021' - We will answer all your questions and worries -
The event was closed.
[2021.10.1] New ! Technical Seminars in Autumun
ISJ's Technical Seminars
(zoom online events)
Three Smeminars on Electronic paper/ flexibles, Toner technology and Electrophotography.
See the schedule of the Tech. Seminar for registration
[2021.08.19] online event
The 90 th Imaging Cafe
(2021/9/17 online event)
Cross point of manufacturing and SDGs on Inkjet
The event was closed.
[2021.08.10] online event
'Conference on 4D and Functional Fabrication 2021'
- New Paradigm over 3D Technology -

Research and development aimed at creating new value that goes beyond conventional 3D modeling and reproduction technologies
(2021/10/28-29 zoom webinar)
Co-sponsored by ISJ & Consortium for the Global Society with Planetary Fabbing, SFC Research Institute, Keio University
The event was closed. Thank you for all participants.
The 38th Free Talking 'Imaging Today'
(2021/09/17 zoom webinar)
'Technology for high-performance inkjet printing'
The event was closed.
[2021.07.28] New !
ICAI 2021:International Conference on Advanced Imaging 2021
  IISJ/SPIJ/JSPST/IS&TJoint International Congress(ICAI)
  Hybrid style (both in-person and online)
  Guide for Paper Preparation
        Deadline: August 20, 2021

  Guide for Exhibition
        Deadline: August 27, 2021

  Preliminary Program(Tentative)
  Early Bird Registration
        Until Sept. 17, 2021

The 89th Imaging Cafe
(2021/7/21 online)
Biological surface function and biomimetics
The event was closed.
The 88th Imaging Cafe
(2021/5/21 online)
Expectations for digital imaging of tissues and cells in cancer diagnosis
The event was closed.
The 85th ISJ's Lecture Course(2021/07/13-16)
Online lecture by Zoom
[Basics and applications of imaging technology to overcome difficulties]
4 days course from July 13. You can listen to all the courses, Inkjet, Electrophotography and Thermal.
The event was closed.
Imaging Conference JAPAN 2021 Spring Meeting
(2021/6/15-16 Online)
The 127the Annual Conference of ISJ
2021/6/15-16 online.
The Event was closed. Thank you for your cooperations.

The 87th Imaging Cafe
(2021/3/19 online)
About the direction of Japanese media from the perspective of overseas media - Aiming for technology in 2035 -
The event was closed.
ICJ2020SpringSpring Editorial Committee Chair Award, ICAI2020 Spring Best Paper Award and Editorial Committee Chair Award were announced.
On Feb. 15, The Imaging Society of Japan has decied on the ICJ2020 Spring Research Encouragement Award, Editor-in-Chief Award, ICAI2020 Best Paper Award, and Editor-in-Chairman Award.
(Some winners' names were incorrect and corrected on Feb. 23)

We have posted the 6 award-winning papers.
The 37th Free-Talking [Imaging Today]
(2021/03/15 zoom webinar)
[Encapsulation technology]
The event was closed
ICJ2019&ICJFALL2019 Research Encouragement Award was announced.
On Dec. 20th, the Imaging Society of Japan has decided ICJ201&ICJFALL2019 Research Encouragement Award
We have posted the 3 award-winning papers.
Inkjet Special Interest Group
Now recruiting new members.
[2015.02.10] ISJ's English homepage is updated.
Sorry for inconveniece that some links are still in Japanese. Please wait for the next update.
[2014.05.01] ISJ journal archiving service has completely uploaded the published papers on the J-STAGE site.
All the papers on the predecessor journal, "DENSHI SHASIN"(1959-1978) and "DENSHI SHASHIN GAKKAISHI"(1979-1998)are also available to refer.
[2013.02.10] "Guidance for manuscript submission" was reviced.
Template for the Journal of the Imaging Society of Japan, "NIHON GAZOU GAKKAISHI" was prepared. (Linked page is partially in Japanese.)
>>Refer the [Old Announcements] (in Japanese)
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[Imaging Cafe] (Monthly Event)
<2021.12.3 (Fri.)>
  The 91st Imaging Cafe
'The Year-end Special Imaging Cafe'
The event was closed.

Refer the[Annual Schedule](in Japanese) for more.
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Supporting Events Information
2021.12.8 Online Event
The 54th Lecture by Optics 4 Society Union Kansai Branch 'Current status of optical industry for changing and enriching human life'
See the homepage of the Optics 4 Society Union Kansai Branch
Announcement from ISJ Office
Notice from the ISJ Office
Office closed for the year-end and New Year holidays

From December 26 to January 5, since the university will be closed, the society secretariat will also be closed accordingly.
We accept emails, so please email us for urgent inquiries.
New !Recruitment of an assistant professor (foreigner, Department of Mechanical and Electronic Engineering, Faculty of Science and Technology), Shimane University
New ! The winners of the 2020 ISJ Awards are uploaded.
New ! Test Chart No. 6 was out of stock (Distribution was ended)
Announcement from the ISJ office
Opening time shortened (Reception hours 10:00 - 15:00)

We will continue to shorten the reception hours of the secretariat to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection.
Please contact us by e-mail at other times. We will reply to you the next day or later.
New !Greetings from the Prof. Sato, the new ISJ's President
New !Recruitment of fixed-term staff (assistant patent examiner) of the Japan Patent Office
New !Recruitment of faculty members from the Faculty of Engineering, Tokyo Polytechnic University
New !Report of the 63rd Annual General Meeting of the Imaging Society of Japan (2020.06.26)
Announcement from the ISJ office
Opening time shortened (Reception hours 10:00 - 15:00)

We will continue to shorten the reception hours of the secretariat to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection until the year end.
Please contact us by e-mail at other times. We will reply to you the next day or later.
Urgent notice
The Board of Trustees of the Imaging Society of Japan scheduled for March 13 will be canceled to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection.
The materials will be sent at a later date.
Notice of open access and revision of submission fees for articles published in academic journals (Editorial Committee)
[INKJET reviced edition] was published. (Publication Committee)
Test Chart No.4 was sold out. (Reprint is not on schedule)
Prize winners' list in 2016 is open
Imaging Terminology on Web was uploaded
[Test Chart No. 5: 2008 version] was released.
Webpage for [To be a Member][Membership Information Update] are open
Society logo [isj] and Templates are uploaded:
[Renewed logo and templates in commemoration of the 50th anniversaty]
ISJ's Copyright Policy [PDF].
Refer the[Announce Uprecord](in Japanese) for more.
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